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1: A reaction for something small but silly happening.

2: Said after a witty remark.
Ex.1: General. OPE!


P1: Fatty says what?
P2: What?
P1: OPE.
Beküldő: Niko Jims 2010. január 9.
250 44
Opium or any opiate/opioid (oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone, heroin, morphine, fentanyl.. whatever)
"I could really go for some opes right now"

"OOOOPPPPEEEEESSSS" (to be said in a raspy ope-voice while under the influence)
Beküldő: abeeler 2008. február 21.
21 7
(noun) -An interjection of surprise after an unexpected event occured. It can be for either bad or good connotation depending on the situation.
You and a friend are fighting over an ice cream cone and it slips out of your hands and lands on your dogs head, so you and your friend look at each other and say, "Ope!"
Beküldő: YaMommasDaddy 2012. január 18.
3 3
or 'opez', used as replacement for 'oops' as in when one makez a mistake.

bobz: nice beat mane, itz hot.

jimmz: i didn't make it mane.

bobz: opes, my bad.
Beküldő: John3:30 2009. március 2.
4 9
Another name for the drug opium
You down with ope?

You know it!
Beküldő: davethelurker 2006. szeptember 20.
64 112
This word is an exclamation, used to convey the sense of having forgotten something and then suddently remembered.
"Ope! I need to tell you.."

(brief silence) "Ope! I forgot!"
Beküldő: Wallaby 2005. április 18.
109 160
no longer do you have to choose between the words ape and oaf, ope is a word that encapsulates both!
Jonny wilds is an Ope
I behaved like an Ope last night
Beküldő: David O'Connor 2007. október 7.
31 83