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A competitive video game player who predominantly plays a particular game online, despite that game having a competitive scene that exists more seriously in arcades or in-person.
"Look at that scrub trying to use risky tactics, what is he thinking coming to a tournament like this?"
"That shit only works in lag. He is nothing but an online warrior."
#online gamer #scrub #noob #newb #lagger #lagging #stream monster
Beküldő: Meteo2 2012. augusztus 22.
Referring to Halo 3 gameplay and xbox live. An Online Warrior is someone who is one shot (having no shields) and doesn't fucking die after taking multiple fucking shots to the head.
Guy1: "He's one shot top mid!"
Guy2: "WTF! I put fifty shots into his dome and he lived! Dude is a fucking online warrior!"
#halo3 #halo #online #warrior #xbox #live
Beküldő: napkin_o 2009. június 9.
Brett aka Jump. The opposite of a Lanimal.
Brett is a online warrior and is bad.
#bad #warrior #opposite #not good #penis
Beküldő: FeaR MoHo 2013. február 10.
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