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Means "On My Soul" as in putting something on your life. kinda like a Sacrifice
"People better stop playin wit me OMS."

"OMS she a fuckin Lame."

"Thats crazy Oms!"

"OMS that was funny af."
Beküldő: RealAsTheyCome 2012. január 4.
Oh my science!
While most people will say "Oh my God," due to God being their highest authority, those who do not believe in God should say "Oh my science," as it is the highest authority.
Oh my science! I have been touched by the Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodly apendage!
Or on the internet...
OMS! i have been touched by FSM!
Beküldő: drbroccoli 2006. november 18.
oh my science. something said by atheists, inspired by south park.
south park is fuckin bad ass son

so are atheists. oms
Beküldő: hiphophead293847 2009. augusztus 26.
Oh my shit! Holy crap!
Person: "I'm stupid"
Guy: "OMS!!"
Beküldő: Mbleh 2007. október 16.
Acronym for "Oh My Swift!" generally used by the millions of awesome Swifties worldwide in praise of The Fearless One, Taylor Swift. Similar to the over-rated and over-used OMG, but more.. FEARLESS. Usually used to express great joy, happiness and all the awesomeness of being a Swifty.
OMS! Her dress is so sexy!
Beküldő: guyswiftyonethree 2011. augusztus 6.
Oh My Sean!
OMS that voice is adorable!
Beküldő: AteMonii:) 2010. június 15.
Oh My Swag.
OMS, I just made 100 dollars.
Beküldő: iABeezy 2011. január 26.
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