My mom's new nickname because she mispelled it one time writing an email to her kids, Us.
glad to hear from you kids, love omo
Beküldő: Travass 2005. január 5.
An awful name for any kind of database.
"I'll just check the omo."

No. Rubbish.
Beküldő: PriMedic 2007. november 20.
Omo means weird,strange,emotional and freakish.
"that person's so omo!"
Beküldő: steph_sprockett 2005. augusztus 10.
oh my obama!!!!
OMO that person is awesome
Beküldő: partyperson 2009. június 4.
pidjin word from naija.

meaning child, baby, infant
" i don go see Fortune and her new pikin.....omo".
Beküldő: vybz kartel 2009. május 2.
word used to decribe some one so gay they dont even get the H
"dude ur an omo!"
"whats that mean?"
"it means that you are so gay you dont even deserve an H"
Beküldő: jack-a-tack 2006. szeptember 7.
Gay. Mainly used on arcade hi-scores instead of "homo".
That guy's a proper omo, he keeps acting gay.
Beküldő: 'jak' 2005. május 3.

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