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Wild, over the top
Shit, that party last night was off tha hook!
Beküldő: Autolycos 2003. szeptember 17.
59 6
1. used as an ajective to describe something that is out of the ordinary

2. something that's bangin'
1. Damn, look at that ass, Tyra is OFF THA HOOK.

2. Yo, that party on 3rd and Main is OFF THA HOOK.
Beküldő: :P 2003. szeptember 6.
21 6
cool, hot, or popular
That cd is off tha hook!
Beküldő: Heather 2003. szeptember 9.
14 7
Awesome, cool, fun, no restraints
Man, our party is off tha hook!!
Beküldő: Emm 2003. szeptember 8.
8 3
1. The act of not being prosecuted for a crime that one has committed.

2. The act of a telephone not being able to receive calls.
1. I'm off tha hook for murder one.

2. The god damn phone is off tha hook.
Beküldő: Matteo 2003. szeptember 12.
8 5
Something which is very good, amazing. Often used in reference to song lyrics, albums, movies etc.
"I love that new GangStarr album- its off tha hook."
Beküldő: leks 2003. szeptember 9.
3 2
Lowered punishement from a deed or a complete pardon from a deed.
i was let off the hook after the cops found out it wasnt my gun after all
Beküldő: konrad 2003. szeptember 8.
2 1