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lame,lacking game or hustlin' skill
why do off brand niggas try to hang with my click?
Beküldő: WhiteFolks 2003. szeptember 28.

a)generic, cheap, shit brand, of inferior quality,

b)off-color, not elegant, not of good quality.
a) 1. Those off brand CDR's I bought completely suck.
2. Look at that fool's fucking shoes, he's always got an off brand on.

b) 1. The comedian's off brand humor offended some of the audience.
2. That dude's off brand bullshit really made me want to kick his ass.
#off-brand #off-color #off color #off colour #generic #shitty
Beküldő: Prof. HighBrow 2006. március 1.
Name given to a non-white person.
An offbrand is showing up folks, hide your wallets and white wimminz.
#racist #racialist #race #insult #offensive
Beküldő: Apocales 2009. március 15.
Someone from a different gang, particularly said by crips about bloods
C-Hecc "All on the other side fuccin' a off brand bitch"
#blood #slob #slobk #piru #snoop
Beküldő: cuzzin_blu 2012. január 23.
a bama ass nigga that has no friends and cant dress
look at him that nigga is an offbrand like shit hahah
Beküldő: and1 2005. április 16.
Someone who has no friends and wears shoes from payless. Can be shortened to o.b.
Person 1: Look at John's shoes.
Person 2: Hahaha, those are from Payless. What an off brand.
#off brand #o.b. #loser #zero friends #not me
Beküldő: J Peezie fo Sheezie 2005. december 23.
Anyone who has the misfortune of not being a white person.
"Hey, check out those two off brands walking into Church's Fried Chicken."
#nigger #beaner #towelhead #yard ape #zipperhead
Beküldő: 'ol dad 2010. május 8.
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