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to eliminate, cut out, as if to surgically remove a person, friend, associate or crony from one's life.
barack had no choice but to obaminate the insane cleric from his life.
Beküldő: em bee kay 2008. június 18.
1125 134
To tax one into submission
Bill: "Did you get your paycheck today?"
Tony: "Yeah, but it was Obaminated, theres almost nothing left"
Beküldő: Clodus Mahomes 2008. november 6.
115 59
verb: To completely dominate in a succession of polls or competitions, like presidential candidate Barack Obama has been in the primaries.
Dude, i totally obaminated in the chess competition last week.
Beküldő: Amanda Applebaum 2008. február 19.
37 234