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Sometimes, when "o" and "k" are overused as expressions of "cool story bro," you need a word to say. That word is oaw. Refer to Eminem's "Seduction" for pronunciation.
There's a seven disc CD changer in her car, and I'm in every single slot, and you're not, oaw.
Beküldő: Baby Boy da Prince 2010. október 24.
30 6
On Another Window.

Sometimes, the word AFK is overused too much. Kids use that word even they are not away from the keyboard, instead they're on another window.
Mike: AFK!

Josh: Ok.

Mike: Back!

Josh: What were you doing?

Mike: Watching porn on another window.

Josh: You mean you're OAW not AFK...

Mike: Whatever! Same thing!
Beküldő: Michael Hackson 2008. augusztus 23.
30 13
once a while
i drink oaw, especially when i'm depressed.
Beküldő: viniki 2010. május 1.
1 9