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North Korea, Iran, Syria
Beküldő: Andy 2004. november 30.
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A hour long waltz in which the victor is the one that:

1. Struck first
2. Had more nuclear weapons
3. Had more nuclear submarines in firing distance of enemy cities

Note that this victory is temporary because soon after a "victor" is declared we all start dying from atmospheric fallout.
A socialist war, because everyone on the planet becomes insanely equal.
Beküldő: Elitist 2003. december 18.
what pussies do because they are too afraid to fight hand-to-hand in conventional warfare LIKE MEN!
Instead of looking you in the eye and shooting you I will hide in a bunker and push this little red button.
Beküldő: ph34r mongerer 2003. december 25.
1. The culmination of all human achievement. Inevitable. This is how we are going to go, folks. It's just a matter of time...

1. Nuclear war is the orgasm of human existence.
Beküldő: thaks 2006. május 29.
They nuke us, we nuke them. In a matter of hours, we're all dead.
Beküldő: war is bad 2003. október 4.
the whole planet gets nuked. planet fuked up. no more life.

apart from insects
in some light nuclear war would be exiting
Beküldő: the person down the road 2003. december 1.
when a ranged class "E" Missle with nuklear composites are launched our dropped over any populated Areas.
did you hear? the US launched a nuklear attack against japan's Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the Pearl harbor attacks!
Beküldő: Jobe 2003. október 10.

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