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Sexiest woman alive. (Arabic; related to terrorist; not to be confused with Nora)
SNIZZAP P-I-M-P, its Noura!, *splooge*!
Beküldő: p-i-m-p 2004. január 26.
a wise smart cute sexy lady with a perfect body and personality
when ur friend looks real nice and u wanna exaggerate n telling her how gr8 she looks u say: u look like a noura :|
Beküldő: noun 2007. szeptember 26.
A Fineeee ass gurl who has an AMAZING body and is hella tight. Noura's are amazing kissers and sexy as Fuuck.
"Damn did you just see Noura walk by, i'd tap that all day!"
Beküldő: Gluebers 2010. február 2.