Not of business. Used in writing to inform readers that the content to follow is not work-related.
Subject: NOB: Party at my place
Hey, don't forget the tropical oils. Party at my place.
Beküldő: Travitron 2006. május 9.
i haxx0rz j00 nobs a11 d4y N0BS!!!
Beküldő: knob 2003. október 30.
Doh doh doh doh ... NOB
Beküldő: CArTeR 2003. február 20.
nob = noobie + fob.

it's word of contempt for dumbasses who are not as bad as douchebags but is indeed significantly dumb, combined with farmer-like behaviours that show that they are from a lower-class country.
hey. that guy is such a nob.
Beküldő: indiandream 2006. november 28.
Short for "not bad".
Steve: Hey Eric, check out that girl over there.

Eric: Ah, nob!
Beküldő: sy3 2006. június 11.
me and my friends word for "nub" which was from "noob" which was from "noobie" which is mainly a cstrike term, the word has evolved from it's originating word
my brother is such a nob at counter strike
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 27.
The end of a man/shemales penis
The nob stopped my hand from slipping off
Beküldő: john howard 2003. április 26.

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