The ultimate dare from which a man cannot back down without incurring more loss of dignity than following through with the actual stupidity of doing the dare and suffering its consequences.
Bubba replied. "Whadaya mean 'no balls', I ain't skeert to piss on no electric fence."
Beküldő: harry flashman 2003. július 28.
when someone doesn't have the guts to do something.

For effective use: obnoxiously yell “NO BALLS” when someone is attempting to explain their reason why not to do something totally stupid.
nikkii: "but i don't want to eat an ant"
hanch: "NO BALLS!!!"
Beküldő: jess hanch & nikkii rodrigues 2008. július 10.
Consistent with a dare, like saying I dare you to do something. If a "No Balls" is refused, the refuser therefore has no balls and may be reminded of this constantly; The highest form of a dare to ever exist.
Cheyenne: "Courtney, no balls you won't chug this 12 pack in under an hour!"

Courtney: Chugs 12 pack.

Cheyenne: "Wow, Courtney has BALLS!"
Beküldő: Eagles87 2010. február 22.
A threatening insult used between two males by one challenging his peer to accomplish a childish, difficult, or embarassing task in order to question the existance of that male's genitalia.
"Hey Joe, I no balls you to eat some dog shit."
"Hey Tom, I no balls you to run around the block naked."
Beküldő: Kyle Merritt 2006. július 12.
nob all, meaning almost nothing or very little.
jesus, is that all that moulding costs a meter, it's nob all.

Dave took his car to be fixed, his mechanic told him it needed a new washer and bolt fitting, it would cost £12, Dave said "that's nob all, lets get it done"
Beküldő: bartonscooter 2012. január 12.
A dare; to challenge to do something requiring boldness and a slight lack of common sense, quite often ending in pain, discomfort, and hilarity. To decline, refuse or back down from a no-balls is an extreme act of cowardice.
Dude, no-balls to give Brian's mom an angry pirate.
Beküldő: No3Piece 2010. január 17.
(Proper Noun) An extreme butt hole of a human being. Will often claim to be a straight male but is known to be either a gay or bisexual male, or, more likely, a lesbian with an overgrown clitoris. Derived from the proper noun Noble, when used as a name. Is often seen to be wearing two faces, neither of them pretty, crying over his own patheticness to anyone who will listen, and trying to persuade his ex that she would be better with him than with the son of God himself.
Ha, look, here comes Tommy Noballs! He suffers with distinct lack of genitalia!
Beküldő: 69flowerchild69 2008. augusztus 19.

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