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Erect, frim or pert nipples on a female breast. Denotes a fun, playful and often youthful quality to the nipples.
Kelly and Jennifer were gigling girlishly after gym class as their pert nippies accidently brushed against each other in the changing room.

You could see her nippies pressing against her sexy t-shirt

Jill blushed as her chilled nippies appeared.

All the guys talked about her hot nippies.
Beküldő: titties and cake 2004. szeptember 10.
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young and perky female breasts
The teenage boys admired their female classmate's nippies.
Beküldő: LillyLou 2003. április 12.
cold enough to cause areolar simulation.
Is it 'nippy' outside?

Cor blimey you could take someones eye out with those, its so nippy biatch.
Beküldő: Ross McPhee 2003. október 25.
A joint or blunt that contains three parts high-quality marijuana and one part pure rock cocaine. The drug of choice of Whitney Houston per her interview with Oprah and named after her. "Nippy" is Whitney's childhood nickname.
I smoked a nippy and read the Bible while my husband spray-painted crazy eyes on the walls.
#blunt #spliff #rock #joint #chronic #whitney #houston
Beküldő: apparatchik 2009. szeptember 16.
adj. a word describing coldness.
fuck man, this waters a little nippy.
Beküldő: dude 2003. április 5.
Nippy is the derivative word for when a person goes outside and their nipples become erect from the cold.
"Boy, it's Nippy out here, I should have worn a padded bra."
#nippy #cold #nipple #chilly #erect
Beküldő: AngelLizzie 2007. augusztus 28.
A brand of milk manufactured in Adelaide, Australia. Comes in chocolate, strawberry, coffee, honeycomb and banana.
"Holy shit Abraham, the Nippy's are only $1.80 here."
#nipys #nippys #nipy's #nippies #choc milk
Beküldő: Alex Cram 2008. február 17.
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