Finish last...
That's why they'll treat you like trash
It's not what they really want to do
Girls only want bad guys
So Nice Guys may give it their best try to
Treat you the way you want them to
But behind the scenes

You mean the world to Nice Guys
Beküldő: 8-bit Broski 2013. február 8.
Guys who treat women nicely but never get girl friends because all girls like jerk guys. Contrary to other beliefs this is a not a negative thing because the nice guy will use this to his advantage as he will have more money for himself because some girl is not taking it all and when the nice guy is living "nicely" with a big house and nice car, women are going to wish that hadn't treated the nice guy mean. So all in all, being a nice guy isn't a bad because you will have what matters in the end, MONEY!
Johnny- Hey look at jacob, he is a nice guy to all the girls but he will never lose his virginity because girls wont date him.

Robby- I like his style, he's going to have lots of money later in life cause he didnt waste it on bitches
Beküldő: Dyliano44 2011. július 10.
A nice guy who is someone who will repeatedly tell the girl of his wanting that is is kind and respectful of her feelings. In reality he is the opposite. He is only doing this to get you defences down. Nice guy will repeatedly try to get into your pants, or throw a fit if you don't do what he wants. If you were to ever call him out on his immature behavior he would look shocked and say "I'm a nice guy I wouldn't do that." I nice guy doesn't want to be your friend, he doesn't want anything other then for you to be his girlfriend so he wouldn't have to feel bad about himself. Most NICE GUYS are selfish creepy jerks, who don't know what I just want to be friends, mean.
Remember Guys: Nice guys don't need to remind people that they are nice and respectful. Telling people that your a nice guy is pretty much like someone saying no offence but....
NICE GUY:*leans in for a kiss*
Girl: What are you doing. I said thought that we were just friends.
NICE GUY: But I'm a nice guy, I'm not going to hurt you.
Girl: Dude? Seriously? A nice guy doesn't need to remind the girl his with that he is a nice guy. Please leave.
Beküldő: Youiswhatyouis 2010. szeptember 23.
The guy that is too big of a pussy to actually ask a girl he likes out on a date. He will often pine over a girl for month, possibly years while she dates guy after guy that the nice guy hates. When ever the girl bitches he is there to comfort her in hopes that one day she see him for someone she could be with. In reality this will never happen. The nice guy is just a friend and always will be so until one day he decides one of two things. He realizes he will never have the girl he wants and moves on to another girl, or he actually tells the girl about how he loves her and she turns him down. If the latter happends the friendship also dies.

Turned down or ignored the Nice guys just thinks to himself that girls just go for assholes. In reality its not that the girl is attracted to assholes. Yes sometimes it just that. But in most the girl is attracted to a confident, interesting person who actually has the balls to pursue a realationship and ask her out from the start.
Nice guy: I really like stacy but it seems she is only attracted to assholes.

Stacy's boyfriend: No dude you're just a pussy.
Beküldő: Sinnister 2009. július 13.
A beta male that is the opposite of what women are actually attracted to. Often seen to women as a manipulating a friendship or doing favours almost like putting coins into a machine hoping to get sex out of it. It never works.

The problem with being the nice guy is the mindset that it springs from. A man supplicating to a woman is doing it out of insecurity and desperation for her approval and sexual attention.
Want to lay hot chicks? Then keep this first and foremost in mind: The quickest and easiest way to kill any attraction a woman may be starting to feel for you is to feel insecure about yourself, or to be needy, or to seek approval. When you have the mindset of being desperate to please, you end up coming on too strong, too early. You become clingy. It’s like you’re begging.
This reminds me of an old saying about banks: they only want to loan you money when
you’re loaded already. If you genuinely need the money, then you can forget it.

Chris was a nice guy, he never got laid.
Beküldő: guywithtaste 2016. augusztus 22.
They aren't nice they're just really really really desperate if they ever run into a homeless person in need they would simply walk past them .

They usually go after girls who are already in a relationship then complain about how they don't cheat on their boyfriends who are so called jerks by them and not fall for their fake nice guy act or complain about how the girl shouldn't go after the attractive guys like how they go after attractive girls and find that really really unfair

They end up concluding that girls only want to be treated badly when its completely not true.

They ignore the fact there are many many other important traits other than just being nice which are important like being financially stable ,having a healthybody,not drinking or doing drugs, being an interesting person in general, having hobbies other than gaming
,having same similar interests

If the nice guy could just stop trying to emothionally manipulate pathetic girls and try to be a real man by fixing their life up by gaining more hobbies , working out , start being honest , get a good stylist and hair dresser and become finacially stable they could become so happy and satisfied by their fullfiling life and be just satisfied with or without a girl . girls would become mega drawn to a guy like
Girl : my boyfriend just ate my cake hate him so much

"Nice" guy : he is just a bad person if you dump him and go after me I will never ever eat your cake slice I will even give you mine

Girl : its not a big deal

Nice guy: you freaking idiot always going after the jerks this why you will come back crying to me when shows his real face!!
Beküldő: Mr life advice 2016. január 18.
A man who doesn't know how to be a man, can be beta - or omega -
Weak willed, quiet and "nurturing" (like a mother)

Devotes too much time to be a "nice guy", wastes time on the web laughing at memes and sobbing because women go for assholes (assertive males who partake in group activities and have friends as well as knowing what they want), probably out of shape and have no desireable qualities that a woman would look for in a partner.
These people are usually spoil girls by buying them things and listening to everything they have to say, constantly hold out in case the girl drops their standards enough to date them and will tell others how they "love" said girl.

Similar to "bubbly" girls (being fat and unlikeable is optional), nothing nice about them so you just apply a generic word because you can't say they are unlikeable.
"Gary, you are such a nice guy, I wish I could find someone like you (who isn't a spineless little bitch)"
"Date me then, Fiona, I love you and I spend all night looking at rage comics relevant to our situation!"
"But you aren't the one for me"
"What is wrong with me??"
"I'm just not ready for a relationship, sorry"
Fiona then starts dating the assertive guy who has a personality as well as a pair of ears and a wallet, they laugh together about Gary behind his back and the new bf will usually joke to her and his friends about how he is "scared of losing her to Gary", Gary backs off when he makes a move and gets threatened because he turns rapey/stalkerish
Beküldő: Alpha- 2014. április 3.
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