no fucking way
"breakfast meeting at eight? nfw"
Beküldő: john badger 2004. március 17.
"No Fucking Way!"
Beküldő: grasshoppers 2003. január 20.
abbreviation for 'no fucking way'. the F is added for extra emphasis.
"give you a blowjob? NFW!"
Beküldő: Shourjya 2009. június 8.
No fucking way – A frequently used comment by a person who doesn't think a number makes sense during the financial due diligence process.
“The margin went up 90% in FY02! NFW!”
Beküldő: recyclebin 2013. június 17.
no (freaking) way - used to describe a situation which is not possible or which you cannot believe
NFW can I jump over that! -or- You got married? NFW!

Beküldő: Jay Furick 2007. szeptember 14.
no fucking way !!!!!!!!!!!
green day are AWESOME. blink suck compared
NFW man! blink 182 are wayy better than green day
Beküldő: Kittyy 2007. november 19.
NFW is an acronym for No Firework World. NFW is the political entity of New Jersey, which bans the use of all consumer fireworks.
Dammit, its 4th of July and I cannot even get sparklers in NFW. Curse this damn state.

Fireworks are illegal in NFW
Beküldő: LONFOG 2010. április 21.

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