no, negative (an abbreviation)
A: can you make it tomorrow.

B: Neg I have to help clean the truck.
Beküldő: The Return of Light Joker 2009. február 15.
Video game slang meaning that you have more deaths than kills, word is short for negative.
Paul- Not a bad game for me... What about you Tony.
Tony- That game was so bad, i went neg.
Beküldő: RobBob1892 2011. szeptember 21.
An egg like shape that isn't actually an egg.
That Yaris is very neg shaped.
Beküldő: Sedanian 2010. augusztus 1.
A Bird, mostly found in the Chicagoland area. Be Careful has very large talons and can attack at anytime.
Look at that neg fly.

Fly Away you stupid neg
Beküldő: bird1241235 2010. május 3.
To hit or ram someones face with a forearm or elbow
my knuckles were bleeding so i had to neg his face
Beküldő: Boxer52465465 2009. november 3.
a short term used on many sites that have picture/profile ratings ect the word Neg actually means negative
Hey why you Neg me?
Beküldő: pablobricktop 2009. június 1.
neg is the process in which someone says a comment of little or no value, and due to its nature is immediately dismissed as a result of its lack of relevance.
neg yourself!
if he's a herb and a loser you neg him.
Beküldő: sayanything25 2009. január 9.

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