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Something Is Not To Your Satisfaction
'Do you like these crepes?'

'Nah nah Neckle'
Beküldő: The Amazing Poonam Bumberclart 2006. október 23.
to beat up,thrash,kill or destroy
you best go home son before i neckle you!
Beküldő: Motakatsu Hideyoshi 2008. február 22.
noun, a common insult in South East London apparently, unheard of in ESSEX.

Background; Used in anger against me and my compatriats my someone claiming to be from Southeast London outside The Chequers pub in Billericay, seemed to be an insult.
You stupid neckle. You bunch of neckles.
Beküldő: Fitz1 2007. október 27.
To make out
I neckled with Cindy in her mom's car last night.
Beküldő: Tony Marino 2004. március 14.