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People who annoy you.
Ohh. Naggers, of course. Naggers. Right.
Beküldő: visual parfait 2007. március 8.
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a black person who complains too much
the damn nagger wouldn't shut up so i just told him to get back to the cotton field
Beküldő: stan 2005. február 16.
A Term for people that annoy you
Look at that damn nagger crossing the road!
Beküldő: The Real Batman 2007. április 24.
People who annoy you.
I don't want my son hanging around with those Naggers.
Beküldő: dbirider 2007. március 8.
comes from the deep south, where that is how nigger is pronounced.
Josh: Thats mine nagger!
Dan(hes black):ima fuckin stab you...
Beküldő: flyers89 2004. november 10.
Naggers.. reference to an episode of southpark where a wheel of fortune question was "People that annoy me" and the letters came up like: N_GGERS, and the contestant answered "Niggers", when it was actually NAGGERS.the contestant realises this and then says.. "Oh.. naggers.."
A blackman walks past you and your friends and one goes
"Oh.. Naggers!"
Beküldő: Will Dunz 2007. május 8.
People who annoy you.
"Niggers! Oh, naggers"
Beküldő: DefaultGen 2007. március 8.
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