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adjective - someone who fails in an attempt to be street/gangster/fly. They try, but execution lets them down. Particuarly applicable to white females who seem to think that they are pretty Gangster.
Wooly gloves with "Safe Blud" sewn onto the fingers - what a mullins
Beküldő: the notorious P.A.G. 2009. december 30.
8 46
To repeatedly call someone until they pick up, or get so frustrated that they won't even talk to you until the next day.
Yo Dedo, Pats pulling a mullins on you.
Beküldő: TheRage 2007. április 2.
21 64
(Origin French) A miller. 'De Moulin,' from the mill. Believed to be a Norman name.

A nickname.
Mullins attacked the little orphans who were waiting for adoption papers.
Beküldő: Johnny Cunt Dodger 2006. október 22.
13 56
aka Hypos Bitch
See... mullins Machine
Beküldő: Sic Died Sun 2005. május 26.
0 44