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Person of small intelligence, slow of mind. Like the moron who posted a definition of "alot" and said it was a real word!

Ever see a definition that is completely accurate with lots of thumbs up, but for no good reason has a couple of thumbs down? Yep, a moron dunit.
Moron: Alot, w00t and pwned are reel wurds do0d, i u$3 dEm all da t1Me!!1

Non-moron: Thats because you are a moron.
Beküldő: Saviour of the real 2005. november 29.
138 55
An insult for one is who COMPLETELY STUPID. Or, a frickin' idiot.
You will die a bloody death, falling into the feiry pit of doom and darkness!...Moron!
Beküldő: Unknown Personthingy 2003. szeptember 21.
313 243
1.A person lacking in the areas of significant cognition or logical constructs.
2.A person who lives for the singular purpose of tyring to ruin the best parts of life for others by subintellectual activities.
Beküldő: Only human 2003. november 1.
114 59
some1 who sticks their dick in the tailpipe of a car
that moron stuck his dick in a car tailpipe
Beküldő: Sunfire 2004. október 25.
116 72
One incapable of recognising the stupidity of an action.
Man, those people who chant "what" at WWE events are such morons.
Beküldő: Adrian 2003. október 5.
79 39
1. A word for some one with a low iQ.

2. The Welsh word for carrot.
1. That kid is a real moron

2. Dwi'n hoffi moron (I like carrots)
Beküldő: Anyomonous123 2008. február 2.
53 19
Propper spelling for Mormon
I belong to the Moron Chirch.
Beküldő: Down With Mormonism 2006. június 10.
74 49