Top Definition
synonym for crystal meth
i'm addicted to morbi.
send help.
Beküldő: definitely not jumana 2005. február 24.
To have three or more chins
Whoa!!! You so morbis you could be a BBW model!
Beküldő: Dr Jean Claude Van Wandeag 2010. március 1.
One who steals cookies

Synonym for cookie monster
Who stole the cookies from the cookies jar?
MORBI stole the cookies from the cookie jar
Beküldő: Me 2005. március 13.
--a guy dorky enough to make up a definition for his name saying hes sweet with the ladies
--calling yourself hot, cool, and "sweet with the ladies"
Beküldő: hottie 2005. február 24.
Morbi is the coolest guy in chicago
Morbi is defined as hot, cool, and sweet with the ladies (and guys)
Id like a piece of morbi
Beküldő: HOtness 2005. február 12.
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