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A very severe camel toe that actually exceeds what a camel toe should be and resembles that of a moose's knuckle. Best seen in severly overweight women in spandex and brightly colored denim.
"Shit, that bitch got a mean Moose Knuckle"
Beküldő: Caitrin 2008. január 25.
32 171
The sight of a woman's sexual anatomy which you can clearly view through her clothes, like a wedgie in her crotch area. Also known to be called; "camel toe".
Mark and I saw this chick with nice moose knuckles while walking down the street.
Beküldő: Fat Rooster A.K.A 8-inch 2003. július 29.
41 180
Much like a camel toe only much larger. Occurs when the front seam on a womans pants get lost in her crotch. Her puddy is split in half.
Damn, look at the moose knuckle on the 300 pounder. Spandex should be outlawed on any chick over 150.
Beküldő: Doug Denny 2005. november 17.
33 173
the male genetals purtruding from from thier pants
did you see franks moose knuckle? it was huge.
Beküldő: tiffany 2005. február 19.
51 191
The cameltoe's very large cousin
"damn that girl has a huge cameltoe" no its a moose knuckle
Beküldő: trever Stansell 2008. február 28.
43 184
NOOOO! It has nothing to do with women! It's the male version of a camel toe, a large unsightly bulge in a man's pants be they spandex, blue jeans or business!
Did you see the moose knuckle on that guy shopping for $2 country CDs at Goody's?
Beküldő: DEMON CHILD MEGS 2005. október 4.
271 412
Street name for Labia Majora, also see meat flaps, carne asada,cameltoe
Dude, look at those fat Moose Knuckles on that bitch!
Beküldő: K. Davila 2003. március 21.
58 199