Noun: An idiot;retard or in case of cussing someone out, it is a Pronoun as in saying "you f^*#ing mook." or "what a mook." .
i think that only people in colorado say mook. oh well.
the example is...

tom sayer is such a fuckin' mook.
#shotgun #idiot #thong #johnny boy #fuckface
Beküldő: SHOTGUN aka P@^1 2010. június 28.
A slur used mostly for ignorant Italians.
1)Giovanni, would you shut up you fuckin' mook!

2)Lookidiss fuckin' mook bastid
#italians #morons #ignorance #mean streets #goombas
Beküldő: pseudonym faggotry 2008. július 11.
a person who is never satisfied with his surroundings.
A wild mook has appeared!

wow nicks being such a mook today..

those distant mooki sure are magnificent.

#arrogant #irksome #vexatious #ameliorate #superior
Beküldő: Margret Hetchen 2011. december 19.
What beautiful women call their secret lovers.

This seemingly offensive slang term is meant to be a way of hiding their true feelings in front of their friends.
Stop being such a mook, I told you im not interested!
#booty call #hunk #secret lover #fuck buddy #friend with benefits
Beküldő: bromance8888 2011. április 10.
A rather plump yet delicious looking Vagina, In it's clothed form a Mook might also be referred to as Cameltoe. Mooks are commonly found on petite young females around age 18/19.
Yeah that girls vag looked alrite, But check out the mook on this bitch! I would eat that like a big ole' greasy cheeseburger.
#pussy #cunt #vagina #sex #hole
Beküldő: KapGun 2011. március 30.
Slang used for the drug Ecstasy. The slang began in Northern New Jersey and managed to spread spiratically throughout the east coast all the way to the southern tip of Florida. Can also be used to describe the high from taking the drug Ecstasy.
Damn John just popped 3 of those mooks and he's mookin' his ass off!
#muk #muhk #mohk #moock #mooc #mouk
Beküldő: ShItSandGiGs 2010. szeptember 9.
The go-to guy for duties and jobs others don't want to do, say on a desert island. The tribal name given to the man too cool to be weighed down by the common man's definition of 'Mook'.
"Have you finished your Mook-ing duties?

"Now you're Mooking!"
#cool guy #go-to guy #mooking #tribal #awesome
Beküldő: Antaeus1993 2012. június 24.
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