in the context of Walliworld, PA: a cigarette. Particularly a menthol cigarette.

Also used as a verb: To mook --> to smoke a cigarette.
Mooking: sitting around smoking cigarettes, buming it
Yo man you got a mook ?

Sorry man just smoked my last one
Beküldő: Dave McCormick 2007. november 19.
bintish behaviour, male sex hole
YOU ARE A STUpID MOOK, where's my mook?
Beküldő: bobbyyyyyy 2008. február 25.
An idiot or a fool. Used to insult people during grime battle-raps / clashes.
Dizzee Racal in a clash with Wiley: I'm not a mook, ya nah. I don't know what you heard, but I'm not a mook.
Beküldő: ragoflex 2007. október 22.
When you wear shorts with a velcro fly (ie boardshorts) and your pubic hair gets stuck. It hurts like a bitch
Fuck! Check out these mooks! My fucking pubic hair is stuck in this mook!
Beküldő: lep saul 2006. november 1.
Mook is another name for ejaculating (cumming). I sugest everyone use it.
Go mook off. Your such a mooker. I mooked on your mom. MOOK!
Beküldő: xDeadSoldier93 2009. január 31.
A mustache-filled kiss.
I'm just trying to avoid another mook.
Beküldő: iris202 2009. január 7.
pete v
pete v is such a mook
Beküldő: cmmnj 2008. december 29.

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