a mexican on meth a m.o.m
dude did you see that homeless guy back there?

yeah he was probably a m.o.m
Beküldő: stuart kartz 2007. december 17.
A person, yo mama , tends to nagg a lot. And try's to be cool.
Yo mamas stupid.(mom)
Beküldő: Luv_u_babe 2014. november 29.
Can be a loving person, and a vital aspect of anybody's life, but the minute you start driving, she just won't shut up while always giving you a hard time and acting like you don't know what you're doing.
My mom is such a passenger-seat driver. I can't drive ONE time without her yelling at me for something stupid.
Beküldő: TheSpencinator2012 2012. március 21.
a annoying but awesome person hahaa
mom i love u but u somewhat ANNOYIN
Beküldő: mynameisunknown! 2010. április 4.
Mexicans On Meth. a "m.o.m"
"dude did u see that guy? he looked messed up!"

"yeah hes a m.o.m."
Beküldő: big boy mcgee 2007. december 4.
slang for moment, often used to for when you're busy and need to type quickly
Bob: Hey dude, you wanna do something?

Adam: just a mom
Beküldő: i am the dude 2013. február 19.
n. mall of the mainland

a really ghetto mall in dickinson that people only go to so they can watch movies for cheap
lets go to ghetto m.o.m. so we can watch hp7
Beküldő: ■.■ 2011. június 4.

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