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Female reproductive organs
a MINKY is a big sweaty slags fadge
Beküldő: joe8745694576 2007. június 14.
3 17
Representing something or something that shows niceness(if that is a word)
Your mom says we're going on a shopping spree to the mall. You say: "Hooray, Minky"
Beküldő: Sarcastic One Knows Me 2004. április 13.
7 23
Mingin n Manky used as a describing word Horriable not very nice. Ugly
OMG dat top is so minky!
Beküldő: Mouse Whiskers 2006. április 19.
5 27
A small, frail girl or woman.
Like "pinky"
That girl is so minky you could break her over your knee.
Beküldő: StvC 2004. november 8.
4 26
Minky is a Megan. Especially Moogen Froogen. Minky is usually spelled in capital letters.
It's peanut butter MINKY time.
Beküldő: Richard. 2005. január 15.
2 25
A Word for someone who is ugly or a big fat bloater.

Like a Minky Whale.
That bird is a right minky.
Beküldő: Lulabelle 2006. május 3.
3 30