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hot, especially when describing a chick
You sure do look minky in that bikini.
Beküldő: Kristylynne 2003. május 8.
minky: most Unsatisfactory.
as in: he's a minky chief

(he's a very unsatisfactory person)
Beküldő: PhilLondon08 2008. június 17.
A peon, a lowly person who works for you.
"I'll get my minky to do all the photocopying."
Beküldő: romper_lefurby 2009. november 10.
A replacement for the word whiny, or annoying, or bitchy
Ahh man that Minky bitch is crazy
Beküldő: Speedboat enthusiast 2007. december 11.
1. Minky = a pretty fanny, vagina, or a pretty lady

2. Minky mouse = tampon
Why thats a lovely Minky you've got there!

I need a Minky Mouse!
Beküldő: Kathryn Waterson 2007. október 18.
A Sexy girl that wants men only for their money so they can buy themselves a mink coat.
Yo son don't mess with that minky. She wants that fur.
Beküldő: Cpluscote 2007. október 6.
Another word for Monkey. used by Clouseau in the Pink Panther
What a nice Minky you have there!
Beküldő: albion-bh 2007. szeptember 19.