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minky: most Unsatisfactory.
as in: he's a minky chief

(he's a very unsatisfactory person)
Beküldő: PhilLondon08 2008. június 17.
The couple name of the characters Mini Mcguiness and Franky Fitzgerald from the fictional UK show 'Skins' on channel E4.
Keep calm and ship Minky
Beküldő: minkyshipper 2011. március 23.
A non offensive way to discribe a cunt!
Come here you sexy bitch and let me lick your minky til you cum!
Beküldő: Royal General 2005. július 26.
A nice piece of pussy to stick your length into
Loook at that Minky over there, i'd have a rip on it!
Beküldő: Chris Lomas 2006. augusztus 18.
A fanny
I put my cock in her minky

She had a nice minky
Beküldő: Marma D 2003. augusztus 28.
A word used to describe a particularly sexy woman or women.
1. Check out that bit of minky over there...


2. The boozer is full of minky on Saturdays!
Beküldő: Robbo 2004. február 2.
Used to describe someone/something that is particularly dirty, smelly etc.
You're a pure minky basturt
Beküldő: Stuvo C 2004. augusztus 10.
hot, especially when describing a chick
You sure do look minky in that bikini.
Beküldő: Kristylynne 2003. május 8.