the method of fixing a broken cigarette by inserting the broken piece back into the filter side of the cigarette.
this cig is broke, so you'll have to mickey mouse it.
#cigarette #fixing #mickey #mouse #smoking
Beküldő: Pandasmooth 2011. március 6.
Two words used together as an adjective to describe something that is considered lame or uncool.
Dude, this mickey mouse band is a drag, hinges.

Shut up with all your mickey mouse advice.
#lame #shitty #uncool #crappy #stupid
Beküldő: Jelly Bean Miller 2010. május 11.
The mascot of an evil corporation.
Bart Simpson wearing his mothers bra on his head thus making him look like Mickey Mouse on The Simpsons Movie, "Look at me! I am the mascot of an evil corporation!"
#mickey #mouse #disney #evil #demonic
Beküldő: MR>CROW 2009. szeptember 30.
to pull someones ears and then slap them immediately upon letting go
jake: dude, you're ears look swollen as fuck, what happened?

todd: that asshole at the candy store mickey mouse'd me for my gummi bears
#mickey #mouse #ear #slap #asshole
Beküldő: scotty brownknees 2010. január 4.
When a girl stands behind a seated male and places her breasts on his head. Giving the illusion that her tits are the ears and the man's head is mickey mouse's.
"Damn you got some big titties girl! Come over here, put them on my head and give me a Mickey Mouse
#mickey mouse #tits #big boobs #head injury #disney
Beküldő: Jersey Fresh 2008. szeptember 22.
also known as Anal Waxing.
I've really been having a difficult time shaving my butthole. Maybe I should just go get a Mickey Mouse?
#anal #waxing #butthole #ass wax #hairy ass
Beküldő: TXBoobie 2010. május 19.
Made in reference to something that is extremely neat or immaculate.
Generally muzza's from Thomastown or Preston area referring to sick cars.
Also can be used for chicks " Dis thing was mickey mouuuse bro!"

Must be pronounced - Mickey mouuuuuuse
"Bro dats nothing, come to Bell St. Macca's and check out my cousins Rx3 Coupe! I swear to allah, dis thing is Mickey Mouse!"
#muzza #mickey mouse #cars #chicks #car
Beküldő: Da sickest cunt 2009. szeptember 8.
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