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Comes from the root word "merk".
Means killing, beating, murdering, insulting, owning, pwning, etc.
*Playing a first person shooter*
Man, he's merking EVERYBODY!
Beküldő: Ducez 2012. február 12.
29 6
to drive quickly; to drive away from a sketchy situation
"shit, that car was merking down the road"

"the cops tried to stop him so he merked the fuck outta there"
Beküldő: jimi dean breakfast sauages 2008. október 18.
43 41
To creep around a bar hitting on women in a sketchy manner
I was merking on so many broads last night
Beküldő: Merking on Broads 2008. április 16.
21 49
To, intentionally or unintentionally, appear in the background of someones photo. Someone who does this often may be referred to as a 'merker'
Look at you merking in the background of her photo!
Beküldő: happysmileygirl 2005. július 13.
42 80