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when someone fucks something up beyond repair
Ora really merkeled that excel sheet.
Beküldő: mmmdick 2012. március 28.
Merkeled is a term for sexual assault by Islamic immigrants. It usually involves sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a kafir (disbeliever of Allah) and without that person's consent. The term originated in Germany, after mass rapes were carried out due to the huge influx of Islamic immigration which was enabled by Angela Merkel.
"Yo Jurgen, check out dat milf in ze short skirtzen!"
"Ja, she better cover up, or she will getten merkeled by the sand zombies."
Beküldő: Haydex 2016. május 16.
When a European woman is culturally enriched by an Arab penis
When I asked how many women were Merkeled on New Years Eve I was told to check my privilege
Beküldő: BUILDTHEWALL 2016. április 30.
Raped, grooped
The german girls were merkeled by the refugees.
Beküldő: Dj117 2016. április 26.
To be sexually harrassed or assaulted by another person, particularly by a foreigner (e.g. immigrant or refugee) within Germany.
If you turn off the lights in the bathroom and say "Getting merkeled" three times into the mirror, a Syrian will appear behind you and grab your butt.
Beküldő: Andorem 2016. április 30.
To be sexually abused by an individual who has recently immigrated
That poor German girl was merkeled by three Syrian migrants
Beküldő: collosoll 2016. április 26.
To be sexually abused by a foreigner.
My friend from germany got merkeled on new years eve.
Beküldő: mellupabbi 2016. április 26.
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