Another word for grandmother. Loves contry music and yodeling. Wears big owl glasses and has a dry sense of humour. But when she laughs, SHE LAUGHS!
'Wow, meme is wearing her owl glasses again'

-turns on yodeling- Wow, what a meme
Beküldő: BritneyBreakout 2009. január 30.
Sister, or someone who is just like a sister.

Pronounced "may may".

The generally accepted spelling is Mei Mei from the Chinese word for little sister.

Origin: The sisters shout it at each other at the end of JOY LUCK CLUB.

My brother just got married, so now I have a new meme :).
Beküldő: Meme1 2009. április 23.
french for "same"
Spelled with an accent on the first "e" même
"J'ai le même livre"
"I have the same book"
Beküldő: Roma 2004. március 11.
What myspacers call spam surveys
I got this meme and filled mine out and sent it to everyone.
Beküldő: YoYo-Pete 2007. november 2.
It means boob in Turkish...
I don't really think I can give much of an example for that...
Beküldő: Turkish Delight 2005. április 7.
A community of free spirits.
"Welcome onto memes."
Beküldő: kulturkampf 2003. szeptember 3.
Dan Howell
Dan Howell is a meme
Beküldő: theinternetqueen 2015. június 15.

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