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German word for 'mine' or for 'my'. This nondistinguishment between ‘mine’ and ‘my’ auf Deutsch is why you will see sterotyped German-Rushan folk in TV shows speeking with such phrases as "mine dog", "mine schnauzer", "mein {et cetera}".
Dass ist mein!! Giveit bäk!!!
Beküldő: Victor Van Styn 2005. július 26.
Means "mine", or "my"
would you like to have some of mein mountain dew ?
Beküldő: Archer282 2005. július 3.
Latin for 'person.'
How you doin', mein.
Beküldő: diatrevolo 2003. november 7.
mexican word meaning "man" got big cajones mein
Beküldő: 2muchofapimp 2004. január 7.
A term used between preteen/teenage boys to express their feelings of boredness and when used it shows that one boy wants the other boy to find him something to do.
Kid 1: mein...
Kid 2: *some video link* XD so funny...
Beküldő: Andy94 2007. május 8.