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recieving a blowjob from one of the guys' moms
hey dude go get a matt
Beküldő: brayden yo 2007. december 11.
172 253
matt means only ever lying when his lips move!
Beküldő: malloney 2008. augusztus 31.
78 164
An expulsion of wind from the vulva during coitus; a vaginal fart.
Rumor has it that Thea can Matt Hodin the alphabet.
Beküldő: Jason, Master Of Disguise 2008. december 12.
44 133
A homosexual who gets horny when he sees gay porn. Hits on everything that moves, from himself, to ones best friends, a 80 year old teacher, a dog, and even ones grandma and grandpa, with a girlfriend. One sucks at sports, and really sucks at the sport he loves. One is so self centered and cocky, one will git ones face messed up.
Just an average pussy manhore, probably gay. Matt
Beküldő: Annonymous45678 2008. november 12.
39 129
A fuckin' guy who thinks le chateau is too expensive and drowns girls with axe. is usually cross eyed with ugly shirts on first meetings. his hair is army-like, gelled down and has weird teeth. looks lie a druggy.. he has bulgy eyes.
"Oh my GOD look at that fucked up fish!"
"No dude, that's Matt."
Beküldő: titpiss 2009. március 6.
29 120
tall skinny guy that tends to hang out with fat people and drive slow vehicles.
yo look its fat matt hanging out with josh and b-ryan.
Beküldő: J-dizzle n da hizzle 2008. augusztus 13.
48 144
A smarty-pants who goes on "Jeopardy" and wins $16,000. Normally has a short haircut with a long annoying braid, but cuts it off before starting high school. He will possibly become a billionaire or an evil dictator. His goal in life is to rule the world, and make everyone who was mean to him become slaves. He also commonly an atheist.
Person 1: Did you see that freaky dude in Geometry?
Person 2: Better be careful though, he's a Matt. He might make you his slave one day.
Beküldő: poopoholic 2008. augusztus 15.
35 134