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a british word meaning an old school teacher, usually a bespectacled virgin. somewhat old and stingy. fond of floral print granny panties.
Dude, that old school marm totally came onto me. She was all "I have a ruler, and I know how to use it." But I said "No thanks MARM," and left it at that.
Beküldő: Randy 2004. május 18.
The distinct sound most miniature poodles make. A croaking sort of sound, almost as if they are literally saying the word "marm." When they make this sound, it means they are very happy and content. Also known as the poodle version of purring.
A: "What's that sound your poodle is making?"
B: "Oh, she's just marming. It means she's happy."
#miniature #poodle #croaking #sound #purring
Beküldő: Chips0108 2010. november 3.
(Truncation of monkey arms)
When a man sports a thick pair of arms disproportionate to the rest of his body. Usually seen in bouncers that abuse steroids.
"Hey Amy, check out that guy's marms! He looks like a fucking idiot."
#biceps #monkey #arms #steroids #bouncer
Beküldő: Joeblack1999 2010. február 6.
When a girl has man arms
Hillary Duff has some marms.
Beküldő: Dan 2004. október 12.
it is the abbreviation for the words "my arm" in order to save time while talking
hey sal , marm hurts
#marm #save #time #marma #talking #sal
Beküldő: mojiece 2011. április 3.
the act of squirting someone with milk from a lactating breast.
Sonya's got huge tits 'cause she's still nursing. She marmed me from five feet away! Those things are ridiculous!
#tits #milk #breast milk #lactating #squirt
Beküldő: Fluugeweiner 2011. március 11.
A dullard/foolish person. Refers particularly to those who are either extremely slow or extremely naive.
Ex. 1: Aw B, Corky is such a marm!

Ex. 2: Ah, I was such a marm in those days...
#dullard #fool #silly #idiot #dolt
Beküldő: Dark Klown XXX 2006. október 20.
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