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read his book you fucktards. he didnt have ribs removed to suck his own cock, he doesnt bite the heads off of animals...although he does do some strange things at his shows, those are not included...that crap was made up in fake affidavits so ignorant morons like you would believe them. technically "marilyn manson" is a band, but everyone refers to manson singularly. an extremely intelligent individual, and yes, a satanist, but you idiots dont understand what satanism is. its not devilworship and sacrificing animals in a circle drawn with blood. surprisingly enough, manson is also quite the pretty boy without the makeup. a lyrical genius, except to the members of the christian society who are content to blindly follow their faith without ever questioning how much sense it really makes. commonly termed a "shock rocker." and as far as i know he doesnt have sex with animals either.
brian warner, aka marilyn manson, is an extremely intelligent individual regardless of what you may think of his appearance or music.
Beküldő: jls83 2006. január 16.
A 'musician' (or band) whom people find so edgy, even though a large portion of his/their fans are preps.

Somehow his fans constantly feel like they have to stand up for him and say "He is an artist" and a "lyrical genius" and that he is criticized because his view is not mainstream.

If his view is not mainstream, how come he has millions of fans, which hang on his every word? If you do not believe this, please take a look at the other definitions.

And if he is criticized because his view is not mainstream, why are his videos constantly on MTV? Sure, it's "not his choice" but he has done various interviews as well. He's even presented an award at the MTV awards with...Avril Lavigne, whom he said he enjoys the music of.

His live shows are not very edgy either; he's burnt a bible and some flags. That was Monday morning at the house of GG Allin. Marilyn Manson is a Sunday school teacher compared to GG Allin. And Manson is a bad image to Satanists, because he has admitted he is not truly Satanic and has various Christian morals.

The man has made some decent songs, but has also managed to ruin various songs with his pathetic covers. Sweet Dreams, Tainted Love, Personal Jesus, the agony.

Marilyn Manson, the man, the band, have made some decent songs; but are by no means 'lyrics geniuses' or 'edgy' and different from the mainstream. They are the mainstream. Marilyn Manson and Avril Lavigne videos are in the same time slot, and Manson is watching in enjoyment. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
"I am original and dislike the mainstream, that's why I listen to Marilyn Manson, like millions of other hardcore pre-teens."
Beküldő: Call F. 2005. március 31.
1.A very inteligent individual
2.Misunderstood labeled as the ''Anti-christ''
3.Very artistic in various ways such as painting, poetry, and of course his musical genius.
4.Very great stage performer
5. Went to a catholic school when he was a young boy
Stupid Person: Marilyn Manson is the anti-christ and he kills puppies
Stupid Person: Im serious man hes weird and devilish
Me: Why do i even try to educate the ignorant people of middle amercia. Everyone tells us not to judge a book by its cover, but these hypocrits turn around and do it.
Beküldő: Ezra666 2011. december 9.
Marilyn Manson is the best industrial metal band ever.
Idiot: OMFG Did I just hear that you like Marilyn Manson?
Idiot: He's a freak, didn't he have his ribs removed so he can suck his own dick?
Me: No, you retard. God you're so stupid.
Beküldő: WeWillSellOurShadow 2011. május 15.
1. A musician.
2. Not satan. (or a satan worshiper)
3. Also not god.
4. Someone who is not going to eat your babies.
5. A person who is not insane, just talented and an extremely good actor.
6. A person. Who makes music. And the records it. And then sells it to people. Who then listen to it. And then they go on with their life. And it is their choice if they choose to commit violent acts. If they blame said Marilyn Manson, they're extremely idiotic douchefags.
Idiot 1: ZOMG imsocoolimsoocooll i listen to Marilyn Manson so I'm really cool and anyone who doesn't like him is a preppy ass motherfucker.

Reasonable Human Being: I have absolutely nothing to say regarding your complete stupidity.

Idiot 2: ZOMG anyonewholistenstomarilynmanson is a satan worshipper and should be burned at the stake.

Reasonable Human Being: ...Just go kill yourself. Right now.
Beküldő: Haitheresquare:D 2010. július 25.
A sick fuck, who happens to be popular among the bullied pre-teens/teens and therefore has the money to continue his inadequate showmanship. Sadly enough, some take him for real.
Marilyn Manson is either too coked up or drunk to perform adequately - gasping for breath and letting the crowd of 14-year-olds sing while you proclaim yourself 3v1l is NOT being a showman.
Beküldő: j-nez 2007. december 10.
this is a review i found on for the Mechanical Animals CD:
1 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
THIS GUY IS A FREAK!!!!!!, August 26, 2006
Reviewer: MusikFre@k "Phil" (Florida,USA) - See all my reviews
Oh My Gosh, Who would like this ugly devil-worshiper? I agree with Jackson Braybrooks 100%!!! Explicit Cover, What the heck????
Rap beats this by 10000000000000(etc.)%!!! I can't even explain how much I hate Marliyn Manson...I hate Marliyn Manson more looking at him naked...This guy needs to go away, I don't know how, He just needs to leave...He screams to death like it's probably not even him when he screams. How can people enjoy this? I sure as heck don't!!!!!!
what you just read is an example of a dickhead, asshole, ect. Said asshole never listened to MM, therefore, should not review.

REAL DEFINITION OF MARILYN MANSON: Misunderstood "shock rocker." His songs arent just screaming, most have meaningful emotional lyrics. My favorite songs by him are: Torniquet, The Man You Fear, and Mechanical Animals.
dickhead: LoLlErSkAtEs, Marilyn Manson is sCaraY GoTh AsShole, DoO-dOo head!!!!!11ONE!!11

smart person: *shoots dickhead* SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Beküldő: The Man You Fear 2006. szeptember 2.