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1.Sacred word who only an elite few possess knowledge of it's meaning.

Origin Unknown.
"Sir, WHAT IS 'Mankoo'?!"
"Classified, for the safety of the Public."

or die?
Beküldő: miker 2004. június 29.
5 Words related to mankoo
1. Sexy

2. Intelligent

3. Thoughtful

4. Attractive

5. Caring
Hey, you are very mankoo.
#aphrodisiac #kind #charming #caring #smart
Beküldő: JohnStr 2009. július 9.
word of excitement with some variations; mankola, mankizzle, mankool.
oh shit dude sander bought a new bong!

dude are you serious?! mankoo!!
Beküldő: robcore 2004. június 28.
A state of uncertainty.
"Dude, did you go to the show last night?"
Beküldő: miker 2004. június 29.
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