The male version of the camel toe. Usually found on overweight men or those who wear too tight of wrangler jeans.
That guy was so fat he had a big juicy mamel toe eating up his shorts.

His mamel toe was had put the women and children to bed and was out looking for diner.
#camel toe #mangina #fat man #bonch #tight pants
Beküldő: Bloody the Pimp 2009. január 15.
Top Definition
a man camel toe...pulling your pants up really high so it looks like you have a camel toe but your a man
mmhmm that's right uh-huh oh no!

fix yourself boy, you got a mamel toe!

pick it out pick it out..
Beküldő: schlongymoto 2005. május 5.
Man camel toe.
Bro, your pants are too tight... you're sportin a mamel toe.

Nice nutters. I can see your mamel toe!!!
#man #toe #camel #penis #ox-hoof
Beküldő: JGR ll 2008. augusztus 2.
Similar to a female CAMEL TOE but a male version
Generally found in older very unattractive men who pull there pants too high creating the mamel toe effect.
Look around on the weekend at older larger men who think they are 'hip' in stonewash jeans that pull them up over there protruding stomach... you will be sure to find a Mamel Toe. Generally seen hanging out with his good mate Harry High Pants
#camel #camel toe #mamal #mamel toe #high pants #harry high pants
Beküldő: Kitty McLuggage 2007. június 6.
A mamel toe is the equivalence of a camel toe on a female but for a man. A man package defined by tight crotch pant
Did you see the mamel toe on that guy?
#define crotch #man package #hoagie huggers #bananna hammock #g i joe crotch
Beküldő: ILL MOMMA 2014. július 5.
Male camel toe. Please see definition for camel toe.
Man, I freakin hate that skinny jeans are in for guys this fall. I can't avoid the mamel toe.
#penis #skinny jeans #balls #boner #casey #abercrombie #speedo #european #sausage #mamal toe #mammal toe
Beküldő: Zoltron 2007. szeptember 20.
the male version of camel toe.
bobs pants are so tight you can see his mamel toe. god, i can't even look at him.
#gross #mamel #toe #camel toe #balls
Beküldő: eeby 2012. február 2.
When a male has a wedge in the front of his pants which greatly accentuates and separates his genitalia. Also, the male version of camel toe.
You're walking down the street and your friend says, "Whoa check out the mamel toe on that guy in the acid washed jeans!"
#camel toe #dick wedge #tight guy jeans #ball wedgie #moose knuckle
Beküldő: maletail 2011. augusztus 15.
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