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THe bestest feeling in the whole wide world. :)
I lurve kelly.
Beküldő: David 2003. augusztus 4.
similar to love in that is has the letters "L" "V" and "E"...but thats about it.
Lurve is much deeper, stronger and more meaningful than love. It is possible to make lurve, this feels much better than making love, and is more fun for everyone involved.
heck I lurve you!
hey baby, lets make lurve.
Beküldő: <3 Margaret 2006. június 21.
All your sex are belong to me.
I lurve you.
Beküldő: A. Student t-test 2009. december 13.
A very sophomoric word supposedly with some cheap, mushy sentiment akin to saying that "love isn't enough". The word is annoying as all hell to hear, and people will only think less of you in any serious matter.
Person 1: Hey, I lurve you.

Person 2: Get out of my house.
Beküldő: thisisnotasoapbox 2009. június 16.
lurve is love without the committment. A word to convey interest, passion, and investment but without the pressure of using the word love.
I've been seeing this girl for 6 weeks and I think I lurve her, but I don't know her last name.
Beküldő: Jarty 2006. július 3.
The feeling you get inbetween like and love. Being in limbo, the giddy/butterfly feeling.
She is in lurve with the boy, she for sure more than likes him but doesn't love him yet.
Beküldő: nic&sam 2009. december 6.
originally spelled as lurrve;
in teh best british book in teh world;
then cultivated by yours truley;
lauren lurrve; <3

copied by many as an exxpression used by ppl who dont wanna say love;
as it sounds too clingy; but
lurrve sounds very cool and nonchalant; <3
zomfg wahts up babes.
btw... lurve ya. ♥
Beküldő: lauren;lurrve 2008. szeptember 1.