a pill of methqualone, a sedative drug similar that acts similar barbiturates
They somehow slipped a 'lude into his drink.
Beküldő: The Return of Light Joker 2011. május 24.
The smell of something that stinks. Something that looks nasty.
It smells like Lude in here! That food looks like Lude!
Beküldő: hensleyb420 2011. január 11.
n. 1. Quaaludes
2. what you take when you don't have shit else
What kind of shit you got? I ain't got shit, let's get some fucking ludes or some shit
Beküldő: jimmy ivory 2004. április 2.
that mistake made me so pissed off i had to take some ludes to cool down.
Beküldő: Pubert Qubert Quakenbusch 2003. április 3.
What some people incorrectly spell the word lewd as. Lewd is something which is crude, indecent or offensive in a sexual way.
The sleazy guy standing at the bar kept making lude (lewd) comments about every girl who walked past.
Beküldő: dazzledlucky 2005. szeptember 3.
Short for Prelude. A japanese vehicle produced by Honda from 1979 to 2001.
"Hey man, that's a nice looking 'Lude you've got there."
Beküldő: D. Edge 2003. március 17.
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