a British term that's becoming more widely used in American English to describe someone who is mild and pleasant. To say that someone is lovely might mean that he or she is nice or easy to be around, but isn't the most fuckable or fuckworthy person.
1. If someone says that you're lovely, you ain't getting laid.

2. Nate: What do you think of the new girl at the office?
Dave: She's lovely.
Nate: Would you bang her?
Dave: Hmmm...I wouldn't go that far.
Beküldő: D.S. Credito 2015. április 2.
SexY BiaCH
Oh Ur LoVeLy....
Beküldő: TrOuBle SomE sOiLdEr 2003. szeptember 30.
a big running penis in a forest of fat guys.
wow look at that hairy Lovëly over there!
Beküldő: your momooom 2011. augusztus 19.
a new micronation, made by Danny Wallace(or King Danny I, as he likes to be called nowadays), as part of a BBC programme called How To Start Your Own Country.
Lovely has currently over 50,000 citizens,or Lovelians.
Isnt Lovely lovely?
I King Danny the First, am King of Lovely!
People in Lovely dont like French People
I am the Lovely rapist
Everyone in Lovely should listen to The Libertines 'Up The Bracket'
Beküldő: i-am-the-lovely-libs-boy 2006. március 11.
A tobacco cigarette rolled with rock cocaine.
Hey we had to smoke a lovely last night because we had no weed.
Beküldő: Peteyboy310 2011. január 28.
A word men use in place of the word whore or slut
Will you be my lovely?
Beküldő: Angel_of_the_Night 2012. augusztus 4.
the quality of having a large penis
why, that's just lovely
Beküldő: bigtombo 2011. június 24.
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