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Another word for beautiful or desireable.
She looked lovely in the candle light.
Beküldő: eb1radtech 2005. május 28.
632 268
1. Meaning something genually beautiful and/or grand.

2. A word that men should not be allowed to use in conversation with other men.
Man 1: God, did you see that cute upholstery that Carl had in his living room? Oh, it was just lovely.

Man 2: We are no longer friends.
Beküldő: HappyBirthdayPaulie 2009. augusztus 6.
516 245
great beauty. NOT pertaining to sexual beauty or physical attraction, but attraction of inner beauty or emotions
such as that of aumie
Aumie is so lovely. You should read her xanga sometime..
Beküldő: 2006. június 1.
376 234
1.)A beautiful, awesome person.
2.)Someone that understands you and understands the world.
Quote from a lovely friend, "Seek comfort in those you trust, but don't rely in them. If they're gone, you might just shatter."
Beküldő: Quickie-La 2006. február 13.
303 173
When used in a sarcastic manner is a response to something in a negative way + a verbal shrug.
A: Looks like the design you wanted only comes in orange.
B: Oh, lovely......

A: We'll have to cancel next weeks plans.
B: That's just lovely.
Beküldő: Kareyu 2005. január 5.
267 186
that one most special person that you find is just the most beautiful,georgous and perfect person you'll ever meet.
"Darian is the most lovely person i will ever be with, im so lucky to have her."
Beküldő: charlie zamora k,Ü 2011. november 17.
102 62
A slang word for angel dust, or PCP.
We took the 20 dollars and copped some lovely.
Beküldő: Angelacia 2007. május 21.
117 116