When you have strong feelings for someone and you get butterflies everytime they touch you or even when you see them
He told me he loved me and kissed me I got butterflies so bad that i fell to my knees.
Beküldő: Amanda&Travis<3 2007. november 25.
Uncondional, strong, amazing, feeling of want, need, and support.
Sara G and Daniel M are in love.
Beküldő: suck_mynuts. 2007. október 9.
A passionate feeling of affection for another person
She only thought she loved him but she still hadn't found the right person for true love.
Beküldő: Still looking 2007. július 19.
A strong feeling of disire for someone.

"i think i love him"
Beküldő: iwillfollowyouintothedark 2007. május 26.
1)Something that doesn't always prevail.

2)Something that makes one feel strong passion for someone, but sometimes(to me always) doesnt work.
Paul was rejected when he felt love for Laura.
Beküldő: Gergynmaimer 2007. május 7.
When its not going your way,a cruel bastard,when it is,the most spectacular thing in the world
1.She doesnt love me,im going to slit my wrists
2.She loves me!! ZOMG!!!1111! IM SO HAPPY!!
Beküldő: SLASHRULES 2007. február 22.
Love. The thing you say you're in to get sex.
He said, "he loved" her. (Eg. He wanted Sex)
Beküldő: Frenchie381 2007. január 11.
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