a chronic mental distortion that usually ends in erectile dysfunction or impotence.
Her Love Was Shorter Than My Johnson
Beküldő: CandyLimericalGenius 2008. április 22.
1. the feeling between two people with attraction for each other
2. the feeling you have for something you would die for (i.e. chocolate, taco bell, midget porn)
3. pornstar from a bible college
Leroy: Want some porky's nightmare tonight?

Bubba: I would love to!
Beküldő: Quigley D. 2007. november 15.
love: noun.; jonathan and heather v. to be like jonathan and heather, to be attracted to someone the way jonathan and heather are; -ly, loving, lover, etc. syn like, lust; ant hate, etc. see also: jonathan and heather
love makes people corny.. and my mom says it makes people horny LOL lmao... true story..
Beküldő: heatherpants 2007. november 11.
love means Legs Open Very Easy
ma friend loved the boy last night
Beküldő: bv239 2007. szeptember 21.
n. semen - slang. similar to love stain. a more romantic way to say cum.
Sorry honey, got a little love in your hair.
Beküldő: Jupiter 2007. május 8.
love is for marriage
trace: I love you sara
sara: Im infatuated with you to
trace: What?
sara: Love is for marraige
Beküldő: charlz in charge 2007. február 26.
Legs Open Very Easily
I want your love all the time...
Beküldő: chance? 2006. január 27.

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