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The (sometimes) gentle nudge of the car behind and/or in front of you that occurs in the process of good solo parallel parking.
Oh man, this is a tight spot, I might have to love tap these cars a few times.
Beküldő: AbsolutValu 2004. december 12.
Love Tap; a sign of affection show by a simple smack, hit, or "tap", to the back of the head. mainly used to cover up a slap.
"Did you just slap me ?"
"No, that was a love tap, it was all out of love."
#love #feejy #jeefy #lol #loser
Beküldő: bruceeeLE 2009. november 28.
When you smack someone you love in the head, face, or ass. It depends on who they are. It's a fun game to play with your girlfriend...
It was Friday and I was horney so I yelled "Love-tap!" And smacked Alyssa on the ass
#tap that #spite #ass-smack #luve tapp #love tap
Beküldő: Jagra99 2013. február 1.
When (usually male) feels their partner (female) in the booty to show a form of love.
"I always play love taps with my girlfriend, she get's so horny when i do"
#booty #but #ass #feeling on #sexuality
Beküldő: Paula305chick 2006. június 26.
A gentle tap on the body of another, as a sign of praise or affection. Whilst it's usually done with a fist, it's not meant to cause any pain.

Think of it as a "fist bump" but instead of two people complimenting each other, it's "one-sided". So instead of two fists meeting, it's from one person's fist onto the body of another person, usually the shoulder, chest, or another part of the torso.
I've never seen her love tap anyone after a game. I think she likes you"
Beküldő: nostalgica 2016. április 8.
Someone gently slaps u.
Mom: ooh be quiet I love tap u
Beküldő: DictionaryFriendNames 2016. március 10.
its when a girl hits ya cuz she like ya
Oh, y'all ever heard of that love tap?
-My girl gave me one last night.
#lovetap #love #tap #hit #girls
Beküldő: Peter Sourface 2010. november 2.
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