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Her love bucket holds the 7 desires that a woman wants a man to fill.
"She's wanting 'her love bucket' filled with her top desire."
Beküldő: Love Linguist 2008. szeptember 30.
A person who is very loving
My cat was being a love bucket, because she cuddled and played with me all day.
Beküldő: Lesley 2003. szeptember 5.
A vagina.
Bro, i fingered my girl's lovebucket last night.

Nice, dude.
Beküldő: D-Stas 2010. április 12.
Those cutesy awful displays of affection between a couple, such as holding hands, eskimo kisses, babyish knicknames, etc.
Love buckets may be irritating and vomit inducing, but they are my way of telling others I get anal treats.
Beküldő: Duke 2003. július 9.
A vessel internal to the human heart where love is stored
I am leaving town and need to fill my love bucket with my friends' good wishes before I go.
Beküldő: hijabe 2013. április 29.
a word used to describe someone you truely care about however once it is used the recieveing person becomes truely confused at how they are being portrayed. Alot of times asian decents will refer to there favorite white friends
hi lovebucket, I love you.

Hey you wanna meet me at the stage at halftime?
Ok lovebucket.
Beküldő: 6'9" 2010. január 17.
An upgrade from a wanksock. (Warning - do not use in school)
Filled my lovebucket last nite, had to borrow John's for a while.
Beküldő: DogMonkey 2003. október 1.