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Another would for "lover" used when a girl is talking to her best friend or when she's answering the phone to her boyfriend.
HEY Lova!
Beküldő: Bobbbbb7778 2008. július 20.
An affectionate word used to name or describe brotherhood between friends
Lova, it is with love that i say hello to you this eve.
Beküldő: Christobal Lemming 2003. november 3.
An expression of care toward a close from on whom one does not feel comfortable dropping the "L-bomb" (love).
Dear (Friend),

(Body of Letter)

(Your Name)
Beküldő: Emily W 2008. február 21.
a synonym for the words love you, used often when you love somebody very strongly
I miss you alot! goodbye, lova!
Beküldő: Freak of Nature 2007. szeptember 15.
An affectionate term girls use to call their favorite girlfriends who are fun to go out and play with.
I explained to one of my sister's friends that even though her boyfriend is her lover, her girls are her lovaaaaaas.
Beküldő: LovahavoL 2010. január 7.
A word used to express complete brotherhood between friends. Used with discretion.
Hello Lova, how are you on this fine eve?
Beküldő: Corey Layne 2003. november 3.
1.) A Black female with fugly (Fu-G-Lee) teeth.

2.) A Online negro Female, involved in a Online-Relationship where thoughts of "Dating" is seen playing a Online MMORPG called "World of Warcraft."
3.) A female whore, usualy a black individual, who skanks around in an online game known as "WoW"
That Lova bitch is getting on my nerves. Someone grab a rope, lets head out to the oak tree.
Beküldő: Dmb1027 2011. november 9.