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A nickname for the cheap, fortified wine by the name of Cisco.

It's often called a "bum wine" because of how cheap it is (plus you have to be a full on alcoholic and/or bum to not think it tastes like shit)

Best thing to drink if you want to get fucked up and wake up in some odd place and not know how you got there. Drink a good amount of it, and you're almost guaranteed to go on a violent rampage and wake up naked in a field with a hooker named Shantiqua who's Adam's apple is bigger than yours.
Yo, wanna run up to ABC Liquor with me to get a couple bottles of liquid crack? I feel like getting tipsy as fuck tonight."
#cisco #bum wine #wine #fortified wine #liquid crack
Beküldő: T-TKC 2007. október 21.
a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor (especially when drunk in one sitting)
Lay off the liquid crack before you become a alkie.
#40 #booze #liquid-crack #liquidcrack #pound
Beküldő: The Return of Light joker 2009. október 16.
a delicious cup of coffee
"That is a fine brew. This is liquid crack. This is a mug full of sunshine." -Dr. Cox, "Scrubs"
#scrubs #coffee #mug #brew #perry cox
Beküldő: Re(wind) 2007. március 30.
A fourty ounce malt beverage, the cheapest legal high your can get. OE only please.
i think it's easier to say fo'ty than liquid crack.
Beküldő: Billy-b 2003. április 22.
an alcoholic beverage comprised of:
1 part Rumple Minze® peppermint liqueur
1 part Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
1 part Goldschlager® cinnamon schnapps

sometimes made with Bacardi 151 instead of Rumple...depending on the bar i guess...also called "liquid cocaine" or "fucked by a grizzly bear"
yo bartender! a round of liquid crack please.
#liquid crack #liquid cocaine #fucked by a grizzly bear #liquid #crack #cocaine
Beküldő: birdfather 2008. július 10.
A Coca-Cola.... any size
This afternoon is dragging, I need some liquid crack!
#crack #coca cola #afternoon #drugs #boredom
Beküldő: Dawn H 2008. január 24.
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