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It's just an operating system folks, not a religion.
Sure it's an incredibly versatile and stable operating system, but it's not the holy grail.
Beküldő: Tiado 2004. június 22.
A program that provides the classic setup for a monopoply: undersell and demonize your competition, then raise prices sharply when there are no other alternatives.
You soon will not be allowed to use a computer if you are not using Linux.
Beküldő: Arcpibtn Meaas 2003. december 8.
a shit operating sytem which is sooooooooooooo easy to control it is for wimps who think they're it anyway only use windows thats even more easier!
thats linux is sooooooo fucking easy to operate! wankers use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beküldő: dominic hunt 2005. január 16.