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Lincolnshire is a town located in Illinois. Lincolnshire is known for its almost police state-esque number of squad cars compared to its low rate of crime. The high number of uniformed officers is due in part by the wealthy soccer moms who reside in Lincolnshire who are deathly afraid of the outside world and believe it will corrupt their children. Adlai E. Stevenson High School is located in the town and their beauvilles are spotted driving around town frequently.

To sum up Lincolnshire in one word: boring
Resident 1- "Man there is nothing to do here in Lincolnshire."

Resident 2- "The most popular and fun thing to do in Lincolnshire is leave."

Resident 1- "Yeah for such high taxes this town sucks."
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Beküldő: Beauville 2008. április 15.
Lincolnshire is possibly the best county in England. It has loads and loads of history, a real good dialect and good scenery. The food here is top notch, too! Unfortunatley, the youth are more interested in drugs and vandalism than our heritage, so it shall probably one day fade away.
Typical dialect from a Lincolnshire shepherd could include things like "Yon owd yowe's far welted"
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Beküldő: Mr Collingham 2007. december 29.
boring county in the east midlands of the UK. only decent places are Stamford and Lincoln, the rest especially Grantham (even though Margaret Thatcher came from there). This is the county where Newton was born. The sausages made here are the best in England and possibly the world.
I was walking through England and tripped up when i reached Lincolnshire, I fell over.
Beküldő: Oliver Wood 2005. február 22.
The worst country, with the worst accent, in England. The worst town is Boston (where i am from), and the bets is probably Lincoln, because that place just ROCKS! (See example for accent)
Daan 'ere in Linonsheer, we av really good copootas and we spends lurds o time on em - Down here in Lincolnshire we have really good computers and we spend loads of time on them!
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Beküldő: Carl Jennigs 2006. október 4.
this is for lincolnshire, il btw

rofl lincolnshire is the opposite of boring(unlike what is said above) and is known for their local high school (best around) and real estate.

They have the commons (which is a bunch of great stores), City Park and various other places. City park is a huge hangout spot for any teenagers who live around here. I go to hs in lincolnshire (stevenson high school) and ever since i was like 12 ive been going to city park. They have starbucks, jamba juice, putting edge (mini golf) , maggi moos (ice cream), champps (the restaurant), pot bellys, red robin, a huge movie theater (with iMax) and everything else you coul imagine. lol i live in bg (the lake county side) but i actually wish i lived there.
jenn: hey u wanna go to the movies with me, becca, katie, manda and leen??

michelle: hell yess!! We're going to the regal in lincolnshire right??

jenn: where else?? we can eat, have dessert, catch an imax and shop all at the same time.
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Beküldő: linnnnnn. 2008. augusztus 12.
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