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Someone who does not tell the truth.
Today is Friday, but Alex told me it was Saturday, she is such a liar.
Beküldő: dillichik 2009. május 9.
15 9
1. One who lies, such as Republicans.

2. AKA Politicians.

3. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Anne Coulter.
Who isn't a liar? I keep trying to think of someone.
Beküldő: Ben Dover 2005. április 22.
63 57
"I am not a crook" - Richard Nixon, after the Watergate scandal.

"Um I went to Vietnam, and i passed elementary school!" - George W. Bush, his are pretty much self-explanatory
Beküldő: White Sox Rule 2004. július 9.
36 31
1. Politicans

2. Lawyers

3. Celeberites
President Bush is a liar.
Beküldő: Dere 2006. november 25.
23 20
Marquise Jackson
Marquise Jackson was born because of a condom factory. "Liar"
Beküldő: Dabby17 2011. május 31.
3 1
Any Republican claiming to be good or usefull
George Bush-liar
Scott Walker-liar
Glenn Grothman-liar
Sarah Palin-liar
Chris Christie-liar

Or any Republicans-Liars
Beküldő: tHe.Anon.Truth. 2011. április 27.
3 1
A person that is stupid and tries to impress friends by naming otherwise trustful things.
'Guys I just got a 56 kill streak in battlefield!, I SWEAR I AINT NO LIAR'
'STFU you stupid Liar/basterd, we know its not true.'
Beküldő: Alex5625 2011. január 26.
3 1